Hackney Demands Warmth for the Vulnerable

Prompted by Greenpeace, Hackney constituents have arranged a meeting with Dianne Abbott this Saturday. The meeting, being held at Hackney Town Hall, between 12 noon and 2pm is open to all residents of Hackney North and Stoke Newington.

Hackney Town Hall” by Steve Cadman is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Residents are invited to ask questions about how the government plans to support the most vulnerable next winter and every other winter with the use of renewable energy and financial support.

Greenpeace has formed a national coalition of likeminded organisations and grass roots activists, and they are all asking for emergency support for those who need it the most, as well as a coherent plan to move the country away from fossil fuels.

Collective Key demands:

  • Emergency support now.
  • Properly funded insulation.
  • Onshore wind and solar power to reduce bills forever and provide energy independence.
  • Remove investment from oil and gas.

Dianne Abbot will be asked to sign a pledge and her photo will be taken for further press.

Other campaigners across the country have also been asking to meet with their local MPs on the 1st of April to form a mass lobby.

Why April 1, why now?

According to GreenPeace, On April 1st, the Energy Bills Support Scheme is set to end, meaning we will all be paying more for our energy bills. Just three months later, Ofgem’s energy price cap (the maximum price per unit that energy suppliers can charge households) will rise once again. The government is set to cut the support available to households in fuel poverty by ending the Energy Bills Support Scheme. In short, in 2023 we will see bills going up and support going down with millions spending another winter in cold damp homes.

The pledge Dianne Abbot is being asked to sign…

I pledge to help keep my constituents warm every winter by urging the Government to rapidly expand home retrofit schemes, support the swift deployment of homegrown renewables to speed up the net zero transition away from volatile fossil fuels, and provide further financial support to vulnerable households. I will work alongside Parliamentary colleagues to ensure the Government goes further to tackle the energy crisis at every available opportunity, including upcoming fiscal statements and the Energy Bill.

How you can help

Tweet Dianne Abbott to ask her to attend this meeting at 12 noon on April 1st at Hackney Town Hall – and tell her why it’s important to you.

And attend this meeting. We need to show the strength of feeling by local residents and ask our MP to support us in creating change for those most in need.

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