Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

To unite and empower individuals who share a profound concern for our planet, enabling them to push for and drive meaningful change.

Our Vision

A world in which people are mobilised and empowered to create solutions for communities and nature, we have stopped the climate crisis and sixth mass extinction, and humanity and nature can coexist.

Our Values

We at Grassroots Activists are proud to share our values which underpins our mission and vision.


We are proud environmentalists, meaning we are passionate for and advocate for the protection of our natural world!


In an era of doom scrolling and climate anxiety, we know there is hope, and remain optimistic that if we work together, change can and will happen!


Everyone should be able to be involved in environmental activism, and therefore we are committed to making all our campaigns as inclusive as possible!


As well as our empathy towards endangered species and each other, we acknowledge that not everyone has the privilege to make nature a top priority. Therefore, we always approach criticism with empathy and understanding first.


We believe strongly in effective activism! Therefore, we always think rationally about how to create a message that is engaging, empowering, evidence-based, and capable of influencing people’s perspectives.


In our battle to protect our planet, we acknowledge we will encounter setbacks, and remain determined nevertheless!